4 Treats to Bring Home From a Central Florida Vacation

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If you’re taking a Central Florida vacation, chances are you’ll want to bring back some kind of memento. And some of the best kinds of souvenirs are the edible ones! Florida’s geography, culture, and flourishing tourism industry allow you to have many kinds of treats to choose from to bring home to family, friends, or for yourself.

The state’s reputation for growing oranges means that treats like marmalade and citrus candy let you preserve one of the best Central Florida attractions in sweet form. Additionally, local candy shops make delicious homemade fudge, and some of them also produce unique wine flavors that should please the wine connoisseur on your list. No matter if you love marmalade or citrus candy from Florida’s thriving citrus industry, fudge, or wine, each treat should please even the pickiest of taste buds and serve as a tasty memento of your Central Florida vacation.


Marmalade is a type of fruit preserve, usually made with oranges. The enormity of the Florida orange citrus industry means that local candy makers have a vast supply of delicious orange marmalade ready for you to eat. Davidson of Dundee, a citrus candy maker in Dundee, makes all its marmalades, candies, and jellies slow-cooked in a copper kettle, one batch at a time – the old-fashioned way. While orange marmalade is the traditional flavor, Davidson of Dundee also offers temple orange, tangerine, pink grapefruit, and honey bell, as well as orange-cherry, orange-pineapple, orange-pineapple-cherry, and orange-strawberry blends.

Citrus Candy

Davidson of Dundee also offers a great variety of citrus juice candies. Flavored in orange, tangy lemon, key lime, tangerine, and more, these citrus candies deliver the best taste that Central Florida has to offer. The facility ships its more than 200 flavors of candies and marmalades, as well as fresh citrus, to customers across the U.S. and Canada. Webb’s Citrus Candy & Chocolate Factory in Davenport is another producer of delicious citrus candies in flavors like grapefruit, lemon, lime, tangerine, and of course, orange. These jelly-type candies made with real juice from the citrus fruits are still made by hand the old-fashioned way, with copper kettles and large wooden paddles.


If chocolate is what you or your loved ones prefer, you’re in luck. Bring home the ultimate chocolate treat from a Central Florida vacation with delicious homemade fudge. Webb’s Candy Factory specializes in fudge made from goat’s milk, which is known for its richness and flavor. The fudge comes in many different flavors besides chocolate, like maple walnut, chocolate-peanut butter, rocky road, vanilla, and more. It also is made the old-fashioned way, like it has been for centuries, on a marble slab.


Webb’s Candy Factory also produces some uniquely flavored wines. Some of these wines include blueberry, pink grapefruit, and cranberry flavors. They also make a great sangria made up of watermelon, pineapple, and mango flavors, a “Cocoa Beach” made with chocolate and orange juice, and a “Cocoa Polada,” a white wine that is a blend of coconut, orange, and pineapple.


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